Camilla Hilbrands – Wellbeing expert

Camilla formed the company At Work A/S in 1992 at the age of 20 and has been active as a wellbeing expert ever since. She has followed and been involved in creating the development within health and wellbeing in the workplace from its modest beginnings at the start of the 1990s, and she has, among other things, been an expert at National Centre for Workplace Health Promotion (Nationalt Center for Sundhedsfremme på Arbejdspladsen).

Camilla is an experienced leader, teacher and speaker and spends most of her time developing and arranging courses and concepts that aim at increased wellbeing for individuals and groups.

An example of one of Camillas Webinars about Work-Life-Tech (in Danish)


“The way you present is very impressive with an excellent combination of simple and down to earth slides and cliff hanging exemplifications. Great way you managed to get everyone involved.” – Kim Enrum, CSO Surface, MbH, Microsoft Denmark

“Camilla’s talk was very refreshing. It was a reminder, that it is surprisingly unambitious, not to turn problems upside down and use positive thinking. Highly recommendable.” – Doctor Morten Albrechtsen, Nanovi A/S

About Camilla

Creativity, honesty and social intelligence are Camilla’s strong points, and in addition to this she is known for her passion for and book about pancakes. Her focus is basically resource-oriented and innovative and her tal and workshops are based on the most recent research in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and behavioural science.

Camilla is an informal and humorous speaker, and with her solid professional background she always leaves her audience with aha moments and specific tools they can use straight away.

Camilla is an active participant and networker at various conferences, including TED conferences, and in addition to this she has been enrolled as a member of Richard Branson’s “Change Makers and Rule Breakers”, and she is a strong supporter of the motto: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

“These gatherings have become incredible incubators of brilliant ideas in magical settings. I’m honoured to host entrepreneurs who have the vision to see the potential of a better world.” – Sir Richard Branson.

Compassion pancakes

Once a year is the international pancake day and in connection with this special day, Camilla launched the book called Compassion Pancakes in 2017. Compassion Pancakes is an invitation to use pancakes as a positive motivation for good deeds throughout the year.

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The book contains 100 pages with everything from the history of pancakes, how to use pancakes as positive psychology, and 18 amazing recipes for Danish, Icelandic, Argentinian, Korean and American pancakes.

The book also contains a description of Compassion Pancakes as an event that unites the joy of baking and eating pancakes, with a positive commitment to make other people happy with a good deed and sharing it for inspiration.