Hygge, happiness and the best work-life balance in the world

– What can be learned from the Danes?

Fortunately, the famous line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” does not appear to be true today. On the contrary!

For years, the Danes have been selected as the happiest people in the world. In recent years, they have become famous for the concept hygge (cosy atmosphere/comfort) and for good measure very recent surveys show that they are world champions in work-life balance.

”It’s not just the workers: Danes rank above average in an intimidatingly long list of areas: environmental quality, civic engagement, education, skills, jobs, earnings, well-being, personal security and social connections.” – World Economic Forum, March 2017

Danes have the concept arbejdsglæde – happiness at work or literally “work-joy”. This is again a concept just like “hygge” that you do not find in the same way in other countries.

What is it that the Danes are so good at? What is it about their lifestyle and their way of working that makes them both happy and capable of experiencing joy and comfort in their work?

In this talk, you will get an insight into the factors that have appeared to have the greatest influence on the wellbeing revolution and success of the Danes – both in relation to the lifestyle and mindset of the individual and in relation to leadership and the work life.

What can you and your colleagues learn from the Danes? You will know after you have attended this talk.

This topic is offered as 1.5-hour or 3-hour talks or as 5-hour workshops. It is held in English, as face-to-face or via live webinars with up to 100 participants.