Willpower for all!

How to help your brain change bad habits into good habits. That is willpower easy and simple.

There is a multitude of advantages in having willpower and knowing how to use it. It makes us better able to direct our focus in life and ensures that our actions and lifestyle are in accordance with our goals and wishes. And this is so, both at work and in our private lives.

Our brain is constantly seeking to find shortcuts and save energy, and it does so, for example, by forming habits. Not all habits are equally desirable, however, and it is in relation to such habits that we most often experience a need for willpower. We want to have the strength to do “the right thing” rather than giving in to temptations and doing what we always do.

There is hope. Willpower can be learned and trained, and there is actually a way of substituting bad habits for good habits. It is not that complicated and if you think that you would really like to have more willpower – you are like most other people. It is a common thing.

In this talk, you will get an insight into the anatomy of willpower and gain an understanding as to why our desires and impulses are not always for our own good, why bad habits are formed – and, most importantly, how you can change this!

You will learn how to train your willpower step by step. It is simple, it can be done one step at a time, and it is best done with a smile.

This topic is offered as 1.5-hour or 3-hour talks or as 5-hour workshops. The talk is held in English, as face-to-face or via live webinars with up to 100 participants.