– Get a personal digital strategy

Technology takes up more and more space, and in many ways it is irresistible. Are you aware, for example, that on average we check our mobile phone 150 times a day? And scroll more than 8,000 km a year?

If we are to keep up and establish wellbeing we must use technology in a proper manner – use it to our benefit instead of allowing it to control our everyday life.

The many programmes, apps and services available today are designed to keep us glued to the screen as long as possible. With mobile units such as smartphones, iPads and laptops, we can be online wherever we are and whenever it suits us. To many people, the consequence is that the many possibilities and attractive digital experiences end up as a time-consuming process and that our private life and working life melt into each other to an increasing extent.

Often, we are not aware of our own digital habits and therefore we need visibility and a personal digital strategy so that we can use technology more expediently and without missing out on anything. In other words, we must focus on a work-life-tech blend.

Get inspired

Looking for some inspiration on creating a personal digital strategy? Watch the free webinar below (which is in Danish), that I’ve produced in cooperation with the Danish company Danica Pension.

Why you should book this talk

What is gained from the talk is an insight into the role played by technology in our everyday lives and a guide to where, when and why we can profitably use technology to our advantage.

Learn about your digital habits and get more time – both at work and in your private life.

This topic is offered as 1.5-hour or 3-hour talks or as 5-hour workshops. It is is held in English, as face-to-face or via live webinars with up to 100 participants.